Missing the Point Alt. Rock | Champaign/Chicago, IL

About MTP

(left to right: Steve Carroll, Steve Meadows, Ian Fell, Stephen Henigman)

Missing the Point (MTP) is an Alternative Rock band that was established in 2001. Originally all members were from Champaign, IL but now 75% reside in Chicago, IL and 25% reside in Champaign. Also 75% are named Steve and 25% are named Ian.

MTP independently released an EP, All I Had (2002), and two LPs, Healing of the Nation (2005), and It Could Get A Little Bit Better (2011). They've also been featured on various compilation albums.

They've played over 300 shows in over a dozen US states and have shared the stage with the likes of Fall Out Boy, The Plain White Ts, Lucky Boys Confusion and many more.

MTP has not been actively writing or performing as a group since 2014 but many of the members have gone on to work with other projects:

Steve Carroll - drums. Currently drummer for OMFG (www.omfgband.com).
Ian Fell - vocals, bass. Currently bassist for Hard Kiss (facebook.com/hardkissband).
Stephen Henigman - guitar.
Steve Meadows - vocals, guitar. Currently guitar/banjo player for Bones Jugs (www.bonesjugs.com).

***last updated: January 17, 2017